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Cute German Webshop - !CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

If you're tired of mass products and shops like Claire's, SIX and the like, which are crowded with people all buying the same jewelry and looking all the same - like I am - a great and opportune alternative can be found in the www!

Not only offers this shop a large and fast growing collection of unique and very cute jewelry and accessories but also to a remarkable price and fair shipping costs!
To convince you that this shop is worth a visit check those cute examples below. They are my personal favorites! :D
(all images belong to CandyXpress and are linked to the sites of the specific items)

Adorable earrings...

... cute phone charms and beautiful key-chains...

... pretty headbands...

... charming buttons and funny stickers.

And much more!

The site itself is very well structured and available in English and German.
I hope that there will be more cute earrings and other sweets-related accessories there. I think being Goth does absolutely not exclude wearing pink and shiny jewelry and I think some of these things go very well with my ripped of shirts and stockings, tartan pants and multi-colored hair!

On time with Christmas CandyXpress is launching a raffle where you can win some of the cute stuff offered in the shop. Check the conditions here (German only). An English version is available at facebook.
Now wish me luck because since I browsed this site I REALLY REALLY NEED some of these cute items!!! My favorites from the ruffle are package 1 and package 2.
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